Events to ignore…


Perhaps my favorite quote from “Here is New York” is located at the top of page 24.  E.B. White says “…New York is peculiarly constructed to absorb almost anything that comes along…without inflicting the event on its inhabitants; so that every event is, in a sense, optional, and the inhabitant is in the happy position of being able to choose his spectacle and so conserve his soul.”

This struck me as being very true of New York City, in the sense that the choices are endless.  The life that occurs within the city is constant and all-encompassing.  One can choose to ignore any number of events.  Even if one was to partake in as many events as humanly possible, they would still be missing thousands of others.

The image above is a depiction of the Lexington Avenue street fair, a festival that takes place every Saturday morning in the summer, between about 42nd street and 54th.  This is massive fair that closes the avenue and is host to every possible ware and indulgence from every possible ethnic background.  Yet is a site unknown to many who do not live within the immediate neighborhood.  It is ignored out of convenience, in favor of countless other opportunities.

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